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Advertising on Capital TV connects brands to influential, affluent and engaged audiences, and aligns them with the creative thinking and innovative perspective of today’s digital world. Work with us to find the best opportunities for advertising, sponsorship and branded partnerships for your client or your brand.

Advertise With Us

Digital Generation

The profile of our viewers is that they are mainly urban, professionals, young, internet savvy and middle-to-high disposable income. In short, they are today’s opinion shapers and the upcoming decision makers of the market.

If these are your brand’s target audience too, you are welcome to talk to our marketing team to share ideas for the optimum campaign that is suitable for you.

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Capital TV Advertising Policy

Our Goal is To Serve Commercially Compelling Ads That Do Not Violate the User Experience.

We strive to uphold the following advertising practices:

  • Trust: We avoid advertisers whose products or services are predatory.
  • Values: Advertising content should reflect our values which include: integrity, civility, morality and respect for all people.
  • Users & Advertiser Experience: We do not allow advertisements that are designed to intrude, encroach or invade the users experience without user action or permission.

We recognize that we are not perfect and we invite our users to help us follow our advertising policy.