On the run from her old life, Vera arrives in a small remote town seeking a new start, only to find herself inextricably entwined in a complex murder investigation, in this atmospheric and absorbing mystery drama set in Sweden.

With her marriage and career unravelling, Vera leaves the city behind to pursue a new job in Ängelby. However, as she drives into the quiet town, she accidentally hits a young man with her car but it transpires that the man was already dead and the residents of her new community are rocked to the core by a series of increasingly strange happenings.

It soon becomes apparent that unknowingly only Vera holds the key to their mystery.

International Thriller & Mystery
Every Sunday 9.00pm. Starting from 3 April 2016

Angelby-Moose Angelby-House

Mia Skäringer stars as Vera in SVT’s new drama thriller Ängelby recorded in Trollhättan and Vänersborg. The Main Director of the series Molly Hartleb (of Hinsehäxan and Thicker than water) describes the main character “Vera is an innocent, warm and down to earth woman, who get their lives ruined and forced to start over”.


Vera has lived a seemingly comfortable life, with husband, house, children, and an okay job. So she loses everything in one blow. The husband leaves her for another woman. She loses job as her husband whacked. The villa is to be sold. Desperately seeking new job and Vera finally get a single reply. An office job in Ängelby, a small town in the middle of Sweden. It will be her final straw, a chance to start over. Almost without thinking, she packs up the kids in the car and takes off.

Just before she reached it happens. She runs over a boy. In shock, she says that the boy is dead. But was it really she who killed him?

Vera has barely entered the village before she is the center of a murder mystery with many remarkable dimensions. What is Ängelby – is it really a place? And what is the villagers special relationship with the large stone just outside the village?

Vera lives intertwined slowly together with the villagers. Her boss Torsten (Goran Ragnerstam) organizes both residence and a room where he suggests that she can open a spa. Police Inspector Amos (Joel Spira), which is investigating the boy’s death, takes Vera during her wing. James (Jonas Sjöqvist) helps her fix the car. But he also has a plan for Vera. It is no coincidence that she has come to Ängelby.

12 Episodes of 60 minutes starting from 3 April 2016


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