First time showing on Malaysian television, Falcón is a high-octane 4 episode mini-series set amid the dark beauty of Seville, an ancient Spanish city, from acclaimed crime writer Robert Wilson’s international bestselling novels.

Javier Falcón is a troubled cop struggling with divorce and drug abuse. When a gruesome murder leads Falcón to discover hidden truths about his father’s secret past, his investigations bring him up against the sinister Russian Mafia, corrupt city officials and jealous rivals. Falcón’s enemies prey on those closest to him, leading to an inevitable bloody retaliation. Beautifully shot and hauntingly atmospheric, Falcón is an adrenalin fuelled drama of sin and redemption, and a passionate translation of this modern masterpiece from page to screen.

Sunday 9pm in March 2016

Episode 1


While Seville celebrates Holy Week, Inspector Javier Falcón struggles with long forgotten memories reawakened by the torture and brutal murder of a successful restaurateur.

Episode 2


Falcón’s investigation unfolds as a twisted but intrinsic connection between the killer’s behaviour and Falcón’s family history emerges, and launches him onto a path paved with life-altering revelations.

Episode 3


The brooding and burdened Inspector Falcón wades through a string of suicides that occur among Seville’s most privileged residents, and as the chaos and conspiracies surrounding Falcón increase, so does the body count.

Episode 4


Falcón is tipped over the edge when his family’s ugly past rears its head and a coup brews among the police, and his enemies resort to extreme measures to prevent the exposure of the secrets at the heart of the cover-up.



The lead character Javier Falcon is played by Marton Csokas. Born in New Zealand, he is known for his role as Lord Celeborn in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and recently starred opposite Denzel Washington as a brutal fixer for the Russian mafia in the hit film The Equalizer.