For the New Year 2017, we have a new package to promote your event in the most effective and cost effective manner.

Your event will get the promotion that it deserves. There are just 3 simple steps for you:

STEP 1: Create your advertisement using any image editing software and save it in JPG, TIFF or PDF. Make sure the TV audience knows what is the event, when is the event, and where it will be held. It is also recommended to include action you want them to take – check website, login, buy ticket, etc.

STEP 2: Now that you are ready to book your ad. Place your order by clicking the pay button on this page. You will be directed to a secure payment processing site and you can make payment using credit card or online banking.

STEP 3: Submit the ad to us together with the proof of payment and let us know what date you want the ad to run.

That’s it and your event can now reach any one of the over 4 million HyppTV viewers.

  • Each insertion is 1 x 15s slideshow display
  • ROP slot on the specified date
  • 125% loading charge for specified time slot
  • Material: static hi-res image file (1920x1080px). If your design is using PowerPoint, make sure the document size is fixed to 1920×1080 and then save as JPG file.

Price: RM200 per air-time slot

If you want the advertisement to run more often, place order for the number of quantities desired. For example if you want the advertisement to run 5 times, order 5 quantities.

SPECIAL OFFER: For every 3 air-time slots ordered, get 1 slot for free.

Each insertion is one air-time slot of 10 seconds and it will be displayed in a Slideshow Format.

Order Now

Click on the button above to place your order and make payment. Here, you can make payment using Online Banking and also using any Visa/MasterCard card.



If you have any questions, you can contact us anytime via the contact form or contact our Front Office during office hours at 03.77276554.