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[dropcap style=”style1″]S[/dropcap]iri ini mengikuti William Jack “Willie” Degel, seorang pemilik restoran New York City, yang menyorok di sebalik tabir pelbagai restoran dengan kamera tersembunyi untuk menolong pemilik restoran menyelesaikan masalah perkhidmatan di restoran mereka.

Bukan mudah mengendalikan sebuah perniagaan makanan. Tapi anda mungkin terperanjat melihat gelagat pekerja-pekerja yang memberikan masalah yang tak terduga.

Persoalannya: mampukah pemilik itu mengatasinya atau Willie kena masuk campur?

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Masa Siaran

Episod baru setiap hari Jumaat 8.30 malam. Bermula 6 March 2015

Episode 1 & 2: Joe Broadway's or Bust

Joe is struggling as a first-time restaurant owner. After his mother’s passing, Joe took a big gamble and used his inheritance to open Joe Broadway’s Billiards & Sports Pub in Staten Island, N.Y. For the past year, Joe has run himself into the ground simply trying to stay afloat. He’s not making any money, his staff is unprofessional and his chef is at wit’s end and about to quit. Without Willie’s help, Joe’s big gamble will go bust.

Episode 3 & 4: Your Mom's Gotta Go

Willie is called in by Alan, owner of Sugo Cafe, a family-run business in Long Beach, N.Y. For the past six years, Alan, a total control freak, has devoted every waking moment to his struggling restaurant at the cost of spending time with his wife and watching his kids grow up. Desperate to spend time with his loved ones, Alan has staffed Sugo with family and friends, but immediately discovers that business and family do no mix and, in fact, could be the recipe for disaster at the cafe.

Episode 5 & 6: Blonde Ambition

Willie comes to the aid of Dena, owner of BlonDee’s Bistro & Bar in Huntington, N.Y. Dena opened BlonDee’s a year ago as a way to support her three children, but after an unfavorable review from the New York Times, she spends all of her time at the restaurant and away from her kids. Willie soon discovers that Dena’s dedication has turned into a lack of delegation, crippling the workflow of the restaurant in a myriad of ways.

Episode 7 & 8: Complete Pushover

Willie rushes to 90 Park in North Bergen, N.J., to come to the rescue of chef/owner Antonia. Due to a family illness, Antonia shifted her attention away from the restaurant and now she’s paying for it, even borrowing against her house to keep the business running. Though a wizard in the kitchen, Antonia is a disaster when it comes to managing her staff and handling the finances. Without Willie’s help, she’ll lose her business and her home.

Episode 9 & 10: Kiss Beso Goodbye

Willie is called in by Donna, the owner of Beso Restaurant and Bar in Brooklyn. Though a successful businesswoman, Donna’s first try at running a restaurant is coming as a shock. A strong early start has recently turned into bad reviews and plummeting profits and Donna’s iron grip on the staff hasn’t improved service. Without Willie’s help, this once promising establishment will close its doors for good.

Episode 11 & 12: Family Style Failure

Willie is called in to help husband and wife Larry and Joan, owners of The Original Mama Angelo’s in North Arlington, N.J. This family-style Italian eatery’s authentic cuisine is no longer enough to keep customers coming back for more, and they are worried about losing everything. Pouring their life savings into the declining business, Larry and Joan need Willie to pull Mama Angelo’s back from the brink of disaster.

Episode 13 & 14: Bad News Bistro

Willie is called in to rescue, Pat, the chef and owner of PK’s Restaurant & Lounge in Staten Island, New York. When Pat opened his restaurant a year ago it was a dream come true, but now it’s become a nightmare. Only Willie can help him whip his young, inexperienced staff into shape and get the sprawling menu under control.

Episode 15 & 16: Clueless Cousins

Cousins who opened the high-end Italian restaurant VB3 one year ago in Jersey City, N.J., need advice from Willie on how to manage an unorganized staff and to ultimately prevent their business from failing.

Episode 17 & 18: Starving For Customers

Former boxing champ Nikko used his winnings to open his own business, A Plate of Soul, in Jamaica, N.Y. Nikko’s family depends on the restaurant for their livelyhood but, despite his passion for soul food, Nikko can’t turn a profit. The glacially slow staff, in both the front and the back of the house, are turning customers away. Without Willie’s help, A Plate of Soul could go down for the count.

Episode 19 & 20: Whine Bar

Willie steps in to help Rich and Jeanie, owners of 12 Grapes Wine Bar in Peekskill, N.Y. Five years ago, Rich retired from his corporate job to fulfill his lifelong dream of owning a music venue/restaurant. Rich has invested everything they have into the business, but now, his dream is jeopardizing the couple’s financial future. Can Willie wake Rich and Jeanie from this nightmare before it’s goodnight for 12 Grapes?

Episode 21 & 22: Somers Almost Over

Willie is called in to help lifelong best friends and current business partners Joe and Gene. Four years ago the former Wall Street hotshots opened Somers 202 in Yorktown Heights, N.Y. While locals initially loved the restaurant, lately business has bottomed out. The owners dream of passing the restaurant down to their children, but without Willie’s help, shutting the doors on Somers 202 may be their only reality.

Episode 23 & 24: Division Street Disaster

With its fifteen-year anniversary around the corner, Division Street Grill owner, Arne, calls in Willie as a last ditch effort to save his struggling business. Arne was once a hands-on owner, but has recently lost his passion for the business, and his staff is following his lead. If Willie is unable to reinvigorate this rundown staff and its disimpassioned owner, Arne will have to close the doors of his Peekskill, N.Y., restaurant for the first time in fifteen years.

Episode 25 & 26: Disfunction Junction

Willie comes to the rescue of Bob, owner of Junction 46 in Ledgewood, N.J. Bob had some initial success when he opened two years ago, but business has recently been on a steady decline. On top of a failing business, Bob needs to cut back his hours to address health issues, but with a troublesome staff he is often working 90 hours a week. Can Willie bring some relief to this restaurant so Bob can rest and retire?